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Our Surgery Center is fully accredited by Medicare and the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This gives you the assurance that you will receive the highest level of care at St. Louis Eye Surgery and Laser Center (SLESLC). ​By keeping our focus exclusively on eye care procedures, we’re able to achieve the most successful outcomes, provide the highest standards of safety, and offer our patients the most effective state-of-the-art treatments using the latest cutting edge technologies. SLESLC has adopted the best practices for its procedures and follows national standards in providing ambulatory care. See for more details.

Our Board Certified physicians perform a wide variety of ophthalmology procedures. For a list of some of the procedures we provide see services. Our state-of-the-art surgery center features a pleasant atmosphere in which patients are able to relax in a comfortable stretcher chair that transforms into the operating table and then back to a chair for recovery. Our patients never have to walk from one room to the next.

Our staff are trained to help make your eye surgery as stress free as possible and the facility supports this goal. This facility has been designed for the sole purpose of eye surgery and the staff have been fully trained to handle any emergency situations. St. Louis Eye Surgery and Laser Center's objective is to ensure our patients receive quality care and service from a professional and dedicated staff. SLESLC adheres to the following mission statement in order to provide our patients with the highest quality service and care.

Our goals are to...
  • create a safe physical environment in preparation for the scheduled procedure, during the procedure, and immediately following the procedure.

  • provide an atmosphere of compassion and understanding with minimal stress and anxiety.

  • function at a high level of efficiency to accommodate the convenience of both the patient and the physician.

  • promote knowledge and skills of the center’s staff as a means of meeting technical and scientific progress in the delivery of health care and to be aware of new research, new products, and new ideas which may modify and improve present activities and procedures.

  • maintain that all information regarding patients is kept private and confidential.

America's Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers for 2024

St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center Awards

We're proud to announce that Newsweek has named St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center one of America's Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers for 2024.

Our St. Louis eye surgery center was ranked based on the quality of care, performance data and peer recommendations. This recognition reinforces the Center's reputation as a leading ambulatory surgery center and highlights our ongoing commitment to elevate eye care for everyone.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Benefits

The benefits of having your procedure performed at an ambulatory surgery center include:

  • Surgery is performed by your own physician at our facility, assuring you of the same quality of care to which you are accustomed.

  • Simplified admitting and discharge procedures provide added convenience for the patient.

  • The patient's loved ones can benefit from our facility's relaxing, informal setting.

  • Realizing that each case is unique, we provide close, personal attention at all times.

  • To learn more about the benefits of an ASC, please click here.

Eye Doctors Near You

EyeCare Partners provides the full continuum of eye care with over 1,000 providers across the country and an unmatched wealth of expertise and data to draw upon. We are advocating for preventative care, igniting a culture of continuing education and working together to make eye care easier, more accessible and more personal. With 300+ ophthalmologists, 700+ optometrists, and 30+ surgical centers, EyeCare Partners offers tremendous opportunities to partner with the best eye doctors in St. Louis, MO.

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